The First - Class ODM/OEM Service for Camera

Designing on-demand

The R&D process for cameras encompasses everything from industrial design to surveillance operation features.

Mastering the technology

Custom firmware and support integration with customers' IT infrastructure.

Make in Vietnam

Manufactured at Binh Xuyen Industrial Zone, Vinh Phuc with a capacity of 6 million cameras per year.

Featured products


This camera series is integrated with the most advanced technologies, suitable for surveillance needs in public areas, industrial zones, or warehouses.

› 25x optical zoom

› Automatic object tracking

› Interaction with other alert devices

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Unlike storing data on memory cards, storing videos on the cloud helps users protect their data even when the camera is damaged. Cloud cameras are designed to be minimalistic, sophisticated, and easy to install, suitable for the needs of households and small offices.

› SONY sensor

› SD card/Cloud storage

› Compatible with other infrastructures

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This is a portable camera product designed to support security and protection forces. The product is additionally integrated with the Citizen ID  Card authentication technology, contributing to the widespread use of electronic Citizen ID Cards.

› Wifi/4G LTE connectivity

› Integrated Citizen ID Card authentication technology

› IP67 protection standard

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Pavana signed a strategic partnership with Sky Light to develop and manufacture Smart Cameras in Vietnam.

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On November 25th, Pavana officially became the first Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) in the field of cameras in Vietnam.

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Currently, out of every 100 cameras in Vietnam, there are more than 90 units from Chinese brands.

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VinCSS ký

Pavana upgrades security surveillance cameras with VinCSS IoT FDO for superior security.

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