Pavana signed a strategic partnership with Sky Light to develop and produce smart cameras in Vietnam.

Pavana and Sky Light Enter into Strategic Cooperation Agreement for Camera Development and Production

Production of smart cameras at Sky Light’s Vietnam factory

On August 2, 2021, Pavana Technology Joint Stock Company and Sky Light (HK) signed a strategic cooperation agreement for research, development, and production of cameras to serve both domestic and international customers.

The collaboration encompasses activities ranging from product development to supply chain integration and mass production. In Vietnam, Pavana will take the lead in product design and solution development, working with customers through Joint Development Manufacturing (JDM) or Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) models. Sky Light commits to providing the necessary human resources, equipment, and production infrastructure to deliver the best services to both companies’ customers.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Kien, Founder and CEO of Pavana, stated that the company currently has a team of around 30 R&D engineers with years of experience working for major corporations and renowned technology companies in Vietnam. The team handles comprehensive services, including industrial design, mechanical design, PCB development, embedded software development, system software, and cloud applications.

Pavana and Sky Light are jointly developing a wide range of smart cameras for individuals and businesses

Pavana’s engineers will also optimize the design for manufacturing (DFM) to enable production deployment at Sky Light’s Vietnam factory. The company is expanding its recruitment to meet the increasing demands of customers in the region.

Sky Light is a prominent Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) in the camera industry, employing over 150 technology engineers in Hong Kong and China. Sky Light’s R&D offices focus on researching new camera platforms, product development, cloud applications, as well as advanced features like image analysis and augmented reality applications.

The Hong Kong-based company currently operates three factories located in Shenzhen (China) and Vinh Phuc (Vietnam). Its electronic factories house 12 SMT PCB assembly lines and 30 assembly lines, with an annual production capacity of up to 6 million cameras. The company’s mold factory has the capability to produce 400 sets of molds and 20 million plastic components per year.

The SMT line at Sky Light’s Vietnam factory

Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, Sky Light conducts research, development, and production of smart cameras for the global market. The company owns laboratories for image quality, sound, electromagnetic waves, and a range of reliability tests for camera durability and weather resistance.

Each year, the company exports millions of cameras for various security applications, including residential security, extreme sports, and law enforcement. Sky Light’s customers include major brands from the most demanding markets in Europe and North America.

In line with the global shift in electronic manufacturing, Sky Light established its presence in Vietnam since late 2018. The strategic cooperation between Sky Light and Pavana aims to stay ahead of this industry trend and prepare for the strong development of emerging markets in Asia.

Pavana’s development direction focuses on intelligent cameras that utilize artificial intelligence for automotive, bus, and security monitoring applications in settings such as factories and urban areas. Through collaboration with Sky Light, Pavana gains access to a global supply chain, especially direct connections and support from long-standing chip partners of Sky Light, such as Ambarella, Qualcomm, OmniVision, Ingenic, and Augentix.