A diverse range of products, meeting the needs of individual customers, organizations, and specialized surveillance projects.

Home Security Camera

Pavana’s home security cameras are designed to help you protect your beloved home both inside and outside, like a silent guardian that helps you deter intruders, monitor elderly family members, beloved children, and even pets inside the house.

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Infrastructure Cameras

Pavana’s range of IP cameras is capable of meeting most infrastructure surveillance needs, such as buildings, factories, and public places. Our high-quality camera products ensure safety and contribute to the protection of human lives, assets, and valuable equipment.

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PTZ Camera

Specialized Cameras

Pavana takes pride in being the first designer and manufacturer of security cameras in Vietnam, offering specialized camera products for various aspects of life, including body-worn cameras, citizen ID verification cameras, online conference cameras, and in-vehicle monitoring cameras.

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NVR and AI box

An ideal solution for professional video storage and monitoring needs, enabling you to upgrade your existing security system with professional and accurate AI image analysis.

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Let's work to gether

Pavana will collaborate with you to design and manufacture security cameras.

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Pavana is the first Vietnamese ODM (Original Design and Manufacturing) specializing in Security and Surveillance Cameras, serving both domestic and international customers.


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